Operation Intruder calls all agents!

We need your psi powers to take over the world. You will be working as a part of anonymous collective to engage the unknown/invisible/chaos/space by interacting with its inhabitants. Invite them to visit you, abduct you, hack and reprogram your mind, implant you and probe you and redesign you. Ask them to do the same to others, especially those who need such makeover the most such as political, military and corporate leaders, media barons, religious fanatics to name but few.

This magical psiop combines CE5, sigil magic and memetic lulz warefare, drawing influence from the Discordianism, Operation Mindfuck, the DKMU Linking Sigil, Anonymous ETHErSEC,  Project Mayhem 2012 and the First Earth Battalion’s “Evolutionary Tactics”.


Brief yourself by reading the following documents:

* Operation Intruder #00
* Operation Intruder #01

 Images and sigils

Use Operation Intruder sigils and logos to expand our front.

* Main logo
Main logo with CE5 sigil
Insectoid swarm logo

* abduction sigil
* Ontological shock sigil
* CE5 sigil with ontological shock
* CE5 Vajra up the mass sigil
* Veve
* Insectoid swarm sigil
* You are not alone sigil
* Bankers sigil
*The Bell