Recent sociopolitical events bring both hope and despair. It seems like the consciousness of people around the globe rises higher than before and at the same time the tyranny and oppression carries on catching up. We think we need to up the game. If the people who make decisions do not stop thinking selfishly and acting motivated by greed we might run out of time for change.

Our research into extraterrestrial and alien experiences lead us to conclude that regardless of its nature and origins this phenomena has a transformative effect on the human undergoing them. They become more open minded, less egoistic, more caring for others and the environment and politically more egalitarian. The qualities brought up by the alien encounters match what we need to see increasing in those who make decisions for us. Although facing up to the experience can be a lengthy process and some never go through with it choosing instead a life of denial, it seems worth a try.

Lets call on otherworldly beings and ask them to help us by abducting and visiting those in power. Choose your own candidate for abduction and do your own magick for it to happen. We begin with corporate and political leaders, military intelligence etc. If you do not know their names then specify the role and position they hold. Adapt this to the paradigm you work with and use whatever methods suit you.

Sigils Files


Ontological Shock

Not Alone






Abduction/CE5 Sigil
Ontological Shock
You Are Not Alone
Vajra Up The Masses
Intruder Abruction by Quayin Al Kindi
CE5 Alien
DKMU by Sergey Vasíliev
OpIntruder Easter by Agent V
CE5 target
Drawing 01
CE5 by Tom Duke
Easter Eggs by Agent V
Ontological Shock by Quayin Al Kindi
VW untitled
3D Man
Holy Guardian Alien by Agent V
Insectiod Swarm
Not Alone
Godwin by Spuddy Galati
Olamolamari by Agent V
Drawing 2
Mark Allen
Drawing 03
Padlocks by Agent V
Crop Circle by Ian Walker
Agent Richard Cincohous Milhous
3D Man
Meditate and get abducted
Grow Up
Exactly how it was written...
I want to believe
Keep Tagging...
Seti tries McKenna Strategy
Varja Alien
Ayahausca Vader
Significant Other
Tangible Evidences
We can neither confirm nor deny Illuminati involvement in Operation Intruder
George Bush: yuor chakras are aligned now
You can be an ascended master too!
Arrival: I will take you to our leader if you take him with you.
UFO cults may practice  a form of hypnotism or brain-washing!
Though Police: We watch you through your smartphone and you're pretty boring
Mork; Keep your cool when Operation Intruder calls!
Ganesha for Grand Nagus: He has the lobes!
no time to explain, get in the van
Surveillance cameras everywhere, Faces nowhere. Faceless
X-files: Third Eye Opening Operation
Mugabe Fall
Anal Probe
Entering Reality
Meet me at OpIntruder cave
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Follow yout Inner Alien
We Stand for Sahrawi People
Anarkia Boladona: Solidarity with Brazilian Women
tanzania lgbt
Green Wave
Russia Moscow Protest 2019
Barrett Brown
LGBT Brazil
British Muslims
Chelsea Manning
Carole Cadwalladr
Greta Thunberg
dakota access pipeline protest.
orlando shooting
refugee boat
Edward Snowden
LGBT Poland
Sami People
refugee camp
Orlando shooting victims
Pax ritual for Syria
refugee protest
Reality Leigh Winner
Roma People
Chelsea Resists
Hong Kong anti extradition bill protest
Hands Off Amazon
Michael Botticelli
Wohi mit opi
Kim Jong un
Paris Climate Conference 2015
Mark Zuckerberg
Jair Bolsonaro
Boris Johnson
Jeremy Corbyn
Dollar bill
Aleksander Dugin
Nigel Farage
Generation Identity
Golden Dawn
Donald Trump
Rupert Murdoch and sons
Vladimir Putin
Spring on Mars and Jupiter
Lloyd Webber
Trump baby
Bee killer